Sunday, 31 May 2009

Special 1 TV Episode 15 the seasons finale

Here is the very last chance to see Jose & the boys this season.
The lads & the usual phone callers pick their best clips of the 08/09 season & the final clip is the fans favorite -as voted on "special1 tv the network of champions" facebook group & The Doitchampions,videoup12 & other youtube channels. (I bet you won't need 3 guesses at the winner).

Monday, 25 May 2009

Q. and A.: The Special One, José Mourinho -

Here is an interview that Jose Mourinho took part in for The New York Times - where he talks about his opinion of special 1 tv & the truth about that Special scarf
(LINK)Q. and A.: The Special One, José Mourinho - Goal Blog -

Special 1 TV's New Signing Apologises To The Cat Demographic

Here is A bonus from Blue elf/Caboom, the producers of special1 tv.
the rubber president after 100 days in office & prior to his being snapped up by Jose for next seasons series of Special1 tv...was it Barack's choice of a portuguese water dog that persuaded the special 1 the sign Mr President ? who knows ? & who cares ?
Roll on August - the old season has barely finished & the new season cant come around quickly enough.
We do have next weeks BEST OF episode to look forward to though.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Episode 14 of special 1 tv

This week on the planets funniest footy show, we see who's in for next season with Jose scooping a huge coup for his show for next season.
SPECIAL 1 TV has been nominated for an award in the catagory of BEST EPL FEATURE SHOW by - so please take time to vote for our champion by going to or go to my youtube channel & hit the direct link to the vote (in the info box)
Next week is a special end of season show with the best bits from this hectic season.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Episode 13 of special 1 tv

Special 1 tv gives us the DVD of Ronnie puppets workout this week & The Boy Wayne hosts eurovision.
Dave is inconsolable about Ameobi "like".

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Episode 12 of special 1 tv

The voyeur is having trouble getting a grip on losing in the champions league & Sven is doing a pirate syndication from Sweden.
Roy Keane furnishes us with another of his mint quotes & The Boy Wayne learns of a rather distinguished honor regarding his "Get me the Tank" catchphrase.
& all with a dose of Drogba's UCL antics to finish off with.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Episode 11 of special 1 tv

As the seasons end draws near, our champion muses over the chelsea/Barca bore fest in the UCL & Lamps rings the show to do the ranting at Jose (Franks latest hobby).
Sven has trouble with swine flu but still manages a sneaky piece of pimping for the Toronto Job.
all this along with Jose musing over being the New Doctor in the legendary British sci fi series "Doctor Who" with Sven as a Dalek & wayne as Davros (the Daleks leader).
Another contender for top ten status here in my opinion.